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Check here every week for new information. Maybe nothing, but possibly something you'll want to know!

Is there a fly that you'd like us to teach?
Is there a fly that you'd like to teach?

Just send an email to,
type FLY TYING in the subject line

Here's a contribution from David Hoffberg that may prove useful. Watch the video... 

Dinner & Fly Tying for Wednesday, 12-19-18


DINNER @ 5:30 at……..


A & W BBQ Seafood Restaurant (Chinese)

16906 San Fernando Mission Blvd. (south side of SFM Blvd., just east of Balboa Blvd.)

Granada Hills, CA 91344


If you’re going to join us for dinner, send an email to (DON’T REPLY TO THIS GMAIL ACCOUNT!) to let me know by sometime Tuesday 12-18-18. If you've sent me an email (or think you've sent me one) to say you're coming to dinner and you didn't get an "OK" acknowledgement from me, call me or resend your email.




FLY TYING @ 7:00   


If you’d like to join in but don’t know how to get to where we meet, go to, select Fly Tying Group, then click on Fly Tying Locale.


I’ll demonstrate then step-by-step teach Davie McPhail’s Deer Hair & CDC Comparadun 

Watch the Video, a translator might be handy ……. 





HOOK: #14 Daichi 1510** (Davie’s recipe calls for a Kamasan B160 & I don’t have any but the Daichi 1510 is an excellent substitute).

THREAD: Yellow UNI 8/0 or UTC 70 denier

TAIL: Yellow or any light color Microfibetts or fine paintbrush fibers**

WING: Coastal Deer Hair** & Natural CDC**

BODY: Olive Turkey Biot**

DUBBING: Any dry fly dubbing like Fine & Dry, etc., in a grayish color that’s not too dark will do. (Davie’s recipe calls for a mixture of mole, rabbit & red squirrel).


**I’ll supply this material to the needy.

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